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Laws & Rules

Ohio Revised Code (ORC)

The general laws of the state of Ohio. The Revised Code is organized into 31 general titles broken into chapters dealing with individual topics of law. The chapters are divided into sections which contain the text of individual statutes. The laws are collected and published in the Ohio Revised Code (ORC). The Division of Livestock Environmental Permitting is governed by ORC Chapter 903.

Ohio Administrative Code (OAC)

The rules adopted by the agencies of the state of Ohio. State agencies adopt rules to carry out the policies and intent of laws passed by the General Assembly in the Revised Code. The rules are collected and published in the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC). The rules adopted by the Division of Livestock Environmental Permitting are found in OAC Chapter 901:10.

Chapter 901:10-1 General Requirements

 Definitions 901:10-1-01
 General Administrative Requirements for Permits 901:10-1-02
 Criteria for Decision Making 901:10-1-03
 Fees 901:10-1-04
 Trade Secrets and Confidentiality 901:10-1-05
 Certified Livestock Manager 901:10-1-06
 Permit Transfer 901:10-1-08
 Permit Modifications


 Prohibitions 901:10-1-10

Chapter 901:10-2 Permits; Management Plans

Permit to Install (Chapters 901:10-2-01 through 901:10-2-06)

 Permit to Install: Purpose and Applicability 901:10-2-01
 Permit to Install: Siting criteria


 Geologic Explorations


 Manure Storage and Treatment Facilities


 Fabricated Structures


 Manure Storage Pond and Manure Treatment Lagoon


Permit to Operate (Chapters 901:10-2-08 through 901:10-2-20)

 MMP: Inspections, Maintenance, and Monitoring 901:10-2-08
 MMP: Nutrient Budget 901:10-2-09
 MMP: Manure Characterization


 MMP: Distribution and Utilization Methods 901:10-2-11
 MMP: Methods to Minimize Odors 901:10-2-12
 MMP: Soil Characterization 901:10-2-13
 MMP: Land Application Methods


 Plan for Disposal of Dead Livestock 901:10-2-15
 Permit to Operate and Operating Record Requirements 901:10-2-16
 Emergency Response Plan 901:10-2-17
 Closure Plan Requirements 901:10-2-18
 Permit to Operate; Insect and Rodent Control Plan 901:10-2-19
 Annual Report 901:10-2-20

Chapter 901:10-5 Enforcement

 Complaints 901:10-5-01
 Right to Enter Property for Investigations and Inspections 901:10-5-02
 Enforcement Procedures 901:10-5-03
 Civil Penalties 901:10-5-04
 Emergency Enforcement and Cost Recovery 901:10-5-05

Chapter 901:10-6 Public Notice and Information

 Notice 901:10-6-01
 Contents of Public Notice 901:10-6-02
 Public Meetings; Close of the Public Comment Period 901:10-6-04
 Public Information 901:10-6-06