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Certified Livestock Manager (CLM)

A Certified Livestock Manager (CLM) certification is required for any of the following:

  1. For a Major Concentrated Animal Feeding Facility (MCAFF) with 10,000 or more cattle; 7,000 or more mature dairy cattle; 10,000 or more veal calves; 25,000 swine over 55 lbs. or 100,000 swine under 55 lbs.; 550,000 or more turkeys, or 820,000 laying hens with other than a liquid manure system. Other requirements for a CLM are in Section 903.07 of the Oho Revised Code (ORC) and Rule 901:10-1-06 of the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC).
  2. For a person who is a livestock manure broker that buys, sells or land applies more than 4,500 dry tons per year or 25 million gallons of liquid manure, or its equivalent.
  3. For any person who is livestock manure applicator who land applies and transports more than 4,500 dry tons per year, or 25 million gallons of liquid manure, or its equivalent.

To receive Certified Livestock Manager licensing through ODA, a farmer or custom applicator must attend three “core” training sessions and three “elective” sessions, obtain at least 10 hours of continuing education units, complete the Certified Livestock Manager application or renewal application, and submit a $50 application fee payable to: Ohio Department of Agriculture. This certification must be renewed every three years.

​CLM Application Forms

To become a Certified Livestock Manager or to maintain a Certified Livestock Manager certification in the State of Ohio, Department of Agriculture, one of the following forms must be completed and submitted to ODA-Division of Livestock Environmental Permitting:

  1. Certified Livestock Manager Application​
  2. Certified Livestock Manager Renewal Application

CLM Continuing Education Units

In order to obtain or maintain the CLM certification, an individual is required to have at least 10 hours of training every three years. These training hours are called continuing education units (CEUs).

ODA-DLEP will have certification training courses available one time per year in cooperation with The Ohio State University Extension, ODA-Division of Soil and Water Conservation, USDA-Natrual Resource Conservation Service, and other organizations. Any courses that the Division is aware of will be advertised on this web site at the "News & Events Page" and/or mass email.

Training is also provided through a variety of training opportunities throughout each year. The CLM is required to obtain verification of attendance, generally by signing the designated CLM attendance sheet, as well as an agenda of the event, and submit to ODA-DLEP before credit will be given.

Additional Training Opportunity information and resources can be found below:

1. Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC) - https://oardc.osu.edu/

2. Ohio Composting and Manure Management (OCAMM) - https://ocamm.osu.edu/

3. Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference (CTTC) - https://fabe.osu.edu/CTCon

4. Ohio AgriBusiness Association - http://www.oaba.net/aws/OABA/pt/sp/home_page

5. Ohio Livestock Coalition - www.ohiolivestock.org 

6. Check your Local, Regional, or State Extension Service or Soil and Water Conservation Districts.

To obtain credits from other training events that you attended, contact the Division of Livestock Environmental Permitting to see if the events meet the required credentials.

​CLM Status

To review your CLM status, current number of CEUs completed, and expiration year, view the attachment in this section.

​Ohio CLM Status (last updated 03/25/2021)

Annual ODA CLM Training Sessions

The Ohio Department of Agriculture sponsors an annual, two day Certified Livestock Manager training session for any farmer, producer, or custom applicator who needs to get certified by ODA, or would like to learn more about best manure management practices. Attendees will acquire at least 10 hours of CEUs if they attend both days of the training session.