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Home Bakery

What is a Home Bakery?

A "Home Bakery" is defined in Chapter 911 of the Ohio Revised Code to mean, "Any person who owns or operates a home bakery with only one oven, in a stove of ordinary home kitchen design and located in a home, used for baking of baked goods to be sold." "Home" means the primary residence occupied by the residence's owner, on the condition that the residence contains only one stove or oven used for cooking, which may be a double oven, designed for common residence usage and not for a commercial usage, and that the stove or oven be operated in an ordinary kitchen within the residence.

What foods are permitted to be manufactured for sale or distribution by a Home Bakery?

A "Home Bakery" is permitted to manufacture non-potentially hazardous bakery products (such as cookies, breads, brownies, cakes, fruit pies, etc.), and potentially hazardous bakery products (such as cheese cakes, cream pies, custard pies, pumpkin pies, etc.) which require refrigeration. Potentially hazardous food means the food requires temperature control, because it is in a form capable of supporting the rapid and progressive growth of infectious or toxigenic microorganisms.

What are the requirements for the labeling of Home Bakery products?

A "Home Bakery" is required to label all of their food products properly, which includes the following information on the label of each unit of food product offered or distributed for sale:
•Statement of Identity - the name of the food product
•Net Quantity of Contents - the net weight, in both U.S. Customary System and International System
•Ingredient List - ingredients of the food product, listed in descending order of predominance by weight
•Statement of Responsibility - the name and address of the business
•The label of bakery items that require refrigeration must bear the declaration, "Keep Refrigerated" or other similar statement.
 Note: If nutrient content claims (i.e. low fat, salt free, etc.) or health claims (i.e. may reduce heart disease) are made, the product must bear all required nutritional information in the form of the Nutrition Facts panel. All labeling components are to comply with 21 CFR Part 101, food labeling. The FDA Food Labeling Guide is an excellent resource of the proper labeling of food products. 

Where may Home Bakeries sell their food products?

Properly labeled Home Bakery products may be sold from your Home Bakery. Commercially produced foods may be sold through grocery stores, convenience stores, farm markets, farmer's markets, and other retail outlets. Retail outlets are subject to all applicable rules and regulations administered by local health departments, local zoning, and other agencies. Home Bakery products may also be served as a food item offered by restaurants. Furthermore, Home Bakeries may distribute their products outside of the state of Ohio.

Does a Home Bakery need to acquire a license to process and package food products?

A "Home Bakery" must be licensed and inspected by the Ohio Department of Agriculture, Division of Food Safety.

Does my home kitchen meet the requirements for a "Home Bakery" license?

To be a Home Bakery, the household kitchen must have walls, ceilings, and floors that are in good repair, clean, and easily cleanable. The kitchen may not have carpeted floors. The home must be free of pests. No pets are permitted in the home. The kitchen must be maintained in a sanitary condition. Equipment and utensils must be maintained and be kept in sanitary condition. There must be a mechanical refrigerator, equipped with a properly located thermometer, capable of maintaining 45 degrees Fahrenheit or less. If the home is served by a private well, the well must be tested annually for coliform bacteria, having a negative test result within the past year. Proof of the well test result must be provided to the inspecting food safety specialist. Labels are to be available for review at the time of inspection.

Is there a license fee?

Yes. The annual fee for a Home Bakery license is $10.

How to I set up an inspection?

To set up an appointment with a food safety specialist, fill out the Request for Inspection Form
and email it to the Division of Food Safety.