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Sesame Now a Declarable Allergen on Food Labels

Sesame will become a declarable allergen in 2023.

Sesame is now the 9th major food allergen, effective January 1, 2023. The Ohio Department of Agriculture wants to remind food producers that the law requires sesame be identified on labels in one of three ways.

  • -It’s common or usual name, ‘sesame’.
  • -Providing the common or usual name of the allergen after the lesser-known name, e.g., Roasted Tahini (sesame seeds).
  • -Using a ‘Contains’ statement following the ingredient list, e.g., ‘Contains sesame’.

If you have questions about the new law taking effect, please reach out to the Division of Food Safety at (614) 728-6250 or foodsafety@agri.ohio.gov.