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Laws & Rules

Wholesale: Ohio Revised Code

  Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Law ORC 3715
  Bakery Law ORC 911
  Cannery, Bottled Beverages, and Beverage Extract Law ORC 913
  Cold Storage/Freezing Food Law ORC 915
  Egg Law  ORC 925
 Hemp Law ORC 928

Wholesale:  Ohio Administrative Code

  Good Manufacturing Practices Rule OAC 901:3-1
  Low Acid Foods Rule OAC 901:3-3
  Acidified Foods Rule OAC 901:3-5
  Farm Markets/Farmers’ Markets/Farm Product Auctions Rule OAC 901:3-6 
  Fish and Fishery Products Rule OAC 901:3-7​
  Shellfish Rule  OAC 901:3-8
  Current Good Manufacturing Practices and Preventive  Controls OAC  901:3-17 and  CFR Title 21 Part 117
  Cottage Foods Rule OAC 901:3-20
  Registration Rule OAC 901:3-21
  Juice Rule OAC 901:3-23
  Approved Substances for use in preparing meat Rule OAC 901:3-31 
  Sampling Standards for Maple Syrup/Honey/ Sorghum Rule  OAC 901:3-44
  Maple Syrup Rule  OAC 901:3-45 
  Exempt Maple Syrup/Honey/Sorghum Rule OAC 901:3-46
  Perishable Food Rule OAC 901:3-57
  Bottled Water Rule OAC 901:3-62
  Produce Safety OAC 901:3-12
 Hemp Processing Rule OAC 901:14-02

Retail: Ohio Revised Code

  Retail Food Law  ORC 3717

Retail: Ohio Administrative Code

  Farm Markets/Farmers’ Markets/Farm Product Auctions Rule OAC 901:3-6
  Retail Food Establishment Rule OAC 901:3-4
  Ohio Uniform Food Code Rule OAC 3717-1