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Certificates of Freesale

Certificates of Freesale are documents issued to manufacturers to enable them to sell their products internationally. Certificates can be processed for companies who manufacture or warehouse food, beverages and cosmetics in Ohio and are licensed and inspected by the Ohio Department of Agriculture, Division of Food Safety.

Instructions for Requesting Certificates of Freesale

Requests may be emailed to the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture.
Email:   Emily.Charles@agri.ohio.gov

Each request should include:

  • Name and address of manufacturing or warehousing facility
  • Product list
  • Country where product(s) are being exported
  • Heading on Certificate – any one, or combination of the following: (Certificate of Freesale, Health, Origin, Sanitary, Purity, GMP)
  • How many certificates requested (there is a $20 charge per certificate). We will invoice you separately. Please provide billing information if different from contact information.
  • Contact information, including phone number and name and address of where to send the certificate.
  • How to send certificate i.e., USPS, FedEx or UPS (if express mail, provide your account number or provide a label).

Certificates will be sent within a week of receipt of request.