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Dogfighting and Cockfighting

Dogfighting and Cockfighting

The Ohio Department of Agriculture’s Division of Enforcement works closely with local law enforcement, prosecutors, humane societies and animal control to conduct investigations into animal fighting.

On average, our Enforcement Agents are involved in about a dozen animal fighting cases a year.

Possible Indicators of Dogfighting

  • Five or more pit bull terriers present on a property
  • Dogs are separated just out of reach of each other restrained by heavy chains
  • Privacy fences obscuring view of the dogs
  • “Beware of dog” signs posted
  • Bicycle tires, animal hides, or leather pouches hanging from tree limbs which dogs can jump up, bite, then hang onto
  • High volume of foot traffic onto the property consistent with drug trafficking
  • Late night gatherings of people on the property
  • Rigorous exercise of dogs including wearing weighted collars, pulling heavy carts or objects, etc.


Possible Indicators of Cockfighting

  • Dozens or more roosters present on a property with few or no hens
  • Birds are tethered just out of reach of each other in blue barrels, teepees, or crates
  • Barn or outbuilding where birds are moved in and out of frequently
  • High volume of traffic onto the property during weekends
  • No trespassing signs posted around property


If you suspect suspicious or illegal activity, please call the Ohio Department of Agriculture at 614-728-6240 or your local law enforcement.