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Enforcement Laws and Rules

Enforcement Laws and Rules

The Ohio Revised Code contains all of the laws that have been passed by the legislature. 

ORC 901.27 Investigations


For the purpose of making any investigation with regard to any company, firm, corporation, person, association, or copartnership, subject to the laws which the department of agriculture is required to administer, the director of agriculture may appoint, by an order in writing, an agent whose duty shall be prescribed in such order. In the discharge of his duties such agent shall have every power of an inquisitorial nature granted to the director and the same powers as a notary public with regard to the taking of depositions. Except in his report to the director or when called on to testify in any court proceedings, no such agent shall divulge any information acquired by him in respect to the transaction, property, or business of any company, firm, corporation, person, association, or copartnership while acting or claiming to act under such order. Any agent who divulges information in contravention of this section shall be disqualified from acting as such agent in any other capacity under the appointment or employment of the director.

Any number of investigations may be conducted contemporaneously.


Effective Date: 10-01-1953