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Animal Health Building

The Division of Enforcement is charged with conducting both administrative and criminal investigations for all regulatory divisions of ODA.  Many of these investigations are generated from the Animal Health Division, which includes the Dangerous Wild Animal (DWA), Commercial Dog Breeder programs and Livestock Care Standards.  Enforcement agents work closely with the Meat Inspection Division conducting investigations into the sale of uninspected or adulterated meat products and illegal slaughters, as well as perform compliance inspections of meat products sold within retail establishments.  Injuries resulting from accidents related to Amusement Rides are investigated by agents in conjunction with Amusement Ride Safety Inspectors.  Enforcement agents routinely accompany other division inspectors to ensure their safety and provide appropriate assistance as needed, such as obtaining search warrants to conduct administrative inspections of properties.   

Enforcement works closely with local law enforcement who routinely encounter DWA such as alligators, venomous and constrictor snakes, servals, bears and other defined DWA. The division also addresses complaints of dogfighting and cockfighting, working with local law enforcement and prosecutors as needed. 

Additionally, Enforcement represents ODA on the Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force as it relates to the agriculture and food safety community.  Agents work as liaisons with Ohio Homeland Security and the F.B.I. Joint Terrorism Task Force when it comes to investigations into potential Agroterrorism involving plants, animals and the food chain.