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Guidance on Milk Disposal

Ohio Department of Agriculture is receiving inquiries regarding dairy producers experiencing an excess of milk.  We understand, because of various reasons related to the COVID-19 outbreak – initial purchasing limits on dairy products and the decline in sales to schools and the food service industry - many milk processors are overrun with product and simply cannot receive any more milk.  We sympathize with dairy producers and know this creates a very difficult situation.  While ODA acts in a regulatory role in the dairy industry, with a focus on consumer safety of dairy products, we would like to offer guidance on the proper disposal of milk.  Please see the attached document. 

We continue to look to the federal government for direction on this matter.  In the event programs are created to help farmers with lost revenue, we encourage dairy producers to keep a record, including the date, volume, reason and location of disposal.  ODA welcomes any questions regarding the disposal of milk.  The Division of Soil and Water may be reached at 614-800-0135 or frances.springer@agri.ohio.gov.   The Livestock Environmental Permitting Division may be reached at 614-728-4215  or LEPP@agri.ohio.gov.