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Milk Sanitation Board

The Milk Sanitation Board is formed according to Section 917.03 of the Dairy Law.  Responsibilities of the board include the following:

  1. Advise and consult with the Director of Agriculture;
  2. Make recommendations to the Director regarding proposed rules;
  3. Approve or disapprove agreements between the Director and any public or private entity;
  4. Shall prescribe inspection fees;
  5. Shall create three standing subcommittees and may create other subcommittees when the need arises.

Board Members

  • Brian Baldridge, Chairman - Director of Agriculture
    Ohio Dept. of Agriculture 
  • Gene Phillips, Director of Health - Ex-Officio
    Ohio Dept. of Health 
  • Ivan J. Byler, Manufacture Milk Producers
    Term Expires:  12/31/2024
  • Matt Saal, Grade A Milk Producers
    Sterling Heights Dairy
    Term Expires:  12/31/2023
  • Lou Brown, Grade A Milk Producers
    Brown Haven Farm
    Term Expires:  12/31/2025

  • Doug Longenette, Grade A Milk Processors
    United Dairy Inc.
    Term Expires: 12/31/2024

  • Doug Soehnlen, Grade A Milk Processors
    Superior Dairy
    Term Expires:  12/31/2025

  • David Burch, Manufacture Milk Processors
    Pearl Valley Cheese
    Term Expires: 12/31/2023

  • Steve Zalar, Milk Haulers
    Dairy Farmers of America
    Term Expires:  12/31/2025