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Livestock Care Standards

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In November 2009 Ohioans overwhelmingly passed State Issue 2, a constitutional amendment requiring that the State of Ohio establish comprehensive livestock care standards. Since then the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board was created to obtain public input and recommend guidelines for the Ohio Department of Agriculture to adopt as rules under the authority of the Director of Agriculture and State Veterinarian. I

Rules affecting the care of dairy, beef, swine, turkeys, broilers, sheep, goats, alpacas, llamas, and equine standards went  into effect on September 29, 2011. 

Livestock Care Standards Rules

The Ohio Administrative Code goes into the specific detailed sections of the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board, this includes: Euthanasia, civil penalties, distressed livestock, veal, dairy and beef cattle, swine, poultry, turkeys, sheep, goats, alpalcas, llamas, and equine species. For more information visit OAC 901:12 Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board.

Livestock care standards are separate from Ohio's animal cruelty laws and are enforced independently. Mistreatment of livestock may constitute a violation of both livestock care standards and animal cruelty laws. While ODA enforces livestock care standards, local law enforcement enforces animal cruelty laws.

Submitting a complaint

If you would like to submit a complaint regarding a violation of the livestock care standards, please fill out this form, download/save to your computer and then email OhioLivestockCare@agri.ohio.gov.

You can also contact:

Division of Animal Health
8995 East Main Street
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068-3399
Phone: (614) 728-6220
Fax: (614 ) 728-6310
Email: OhioLivestockCare@agri.ohio.gov