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ODA Inspects the SkyGlider at the Ohio State Fairgrounds

The SkyGlider is up and running once again! Director Pelanda harnessed in and went along for the final inspection as inspectors examined the ride. 

First used in 1969, the State Fair's SkyGlider transports riders from one end of the fairgrounds to the other. The SkyGlider recently underwent several improvements in preparation for this year's Ohio State Fair, namely the replacement of all 95 chairs with plastic chairs with no hidden metal parts. 

"They are molded and they are constructed in such a way that all parts that that need to be inspected are obvious and not enclosed," said Director Pelanda. 

In addition to the new chairs the ride has a new braking system and new permanent fencing at both ends of the ride.

After thorough inspection ODA inspectors signed off on the ride, which will also undergo daily inspections each day of the fair. We look forward to seeing you on the SkyGlider at this year's Ohio State Fair, which runs July 24 - August 4!