Ohio Sensitive Crop Registry
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Sensitive Crops
 • ApiariesSensitive Crops
Crop Description: 
Current locations of ODA-registered apiaries. Note that applicators must give apiarists at least 24 hour notice before spraying within half a mile of a registered apiary. If contact identification is not provided through this registry, call ODA at 614-728-6373 to request this information.
 • AquacultureSensitive Crops
Crop Description: 
Locations of outdoor fish and other aquatic farms
 • BramblesSensitive Crops
Crop Description: 
Brambles include aggregate fruit such as raspberries and blackberries of at least 0.5 acres
 • Certified OrganicSensitive Crops
Crop Description: 
An organic farm certified by an USDA-accredited agent; includes certified organic crops, forage and livestock of at least 0.5 acres
 • NurseriesSensitive Crops
Crop Description: 
Nursery stock and flowers of at least 0.5 acres
 • Greenhouses/High TunnelsSensitive Crops
Crop Description: 
Greenhouses and high tunnels must be for commercial use and produce at least 0.5 acre of any combination of crops annually
 • OrchardsSensitive Crops
Crop Description: 
Fruit or nut-producing trees of at least 0.5 acres
 • GrapesSensitive Crops
Crop Description: 
Includes vineyards of at least 0.5 acres
 • TomatoesSensitive Crops
Crop Description: 
Includes all tomato cultivars of at least 0.5 acres
 • Fruit (other)Sensitive Crops
Crop Description: 
Non-tree simple, aggregate and multiple fruits of at least 0.5 acres, excluding tomatoes, grapes, and brambles.
 • HerbsSensitive Crops
Crop Description: 
Includes plants for spices of at least 0.5 acre
 • VegetablesSensitive Crops
Crop Description: 
Includes root and leafy vegetables, legumes, and pumpkins of at least 0.5 acres
Sensitive Crops

  Welcome to the Ohio Sensitive Crop Registry

The Ohio Sensitive Crop Registry (OSCR) is a free and secure web map showing locations in Ohio which are susceptible to damage by pesticide drift or off-target applications. Information is voluntarily provided and mapped by commercial plant producers and beekeepers. These maps and lists of locations are made available to pesticide applicators and other Registry users.

This registry is reserved for beekeepers, commercial plant and fish producers, and pesticide applicators. Commercial plant production includes orchards, nurseries, greenhouses, tomato and grape productions as well as organic crops. Sensitive habitats are currently not included on the Registry, nor is this site intended for residential landscapes or individuals with pesticide sensitivity.

Good relations and communication with your neighbors remains the best way to reduce the risk of pesticide damage. Using OSCR is a simple way of informing pesticide applicators that your production area is sensitive to pesticides. The Registry also provides a secure way for beekeepers to share their hive locations with applicators and receive notifications from them about future spraying.

If you would like to search the registry only:

  • Create an account and check the box for Applicator.
  • Once you receive a username and password via email, you may sign-in to the Registry and click the “Sensitive Crops Search” tab that appears.

If you would like to add your production or apiary to the registry:

  • You will need to create an account and check the box for either Producer or Apiarist. You may also select Applicator if you want to search the registry as well.
  • After you receive your username and password via email, you will need to draw your property on the map to add your hive(s) or production location(s) to the registry. Please see the User Manual or Quick-start Guide for details.
Legal Disclaimer: Data and information provided on the Ohio Sensitive Crop Registry are voluntarily supplied by its users. Neither the Ohio Department of Agriculture, nor any of their employees or agents make any warranty, express or implied, nor assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, usefulness or merchantability of any information apparatus, products or processes disclosed, nor represent that use would not infringe on privately owned rights. The registry is provided as a service to producers and pesticide applicators and does not eliminate any liability of the registry user regarding compliance with all applicable State, local and federal laws and regulations. Actions undertaken on the basis of this information are the sole responsibility of the user.
Ohio Department of Agriculture, 8995 E. Main St., Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068